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PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday 9th March, 6-9pm

The tea’s gone cold, and the skies have been grey for months. We are all still waiting for things to change…

“The Other Side Of Paradise” is an exhibition of cross generational artists, hailing from all over the UK, whose work forms a counter to the immediate cultural landscape. Through a diverse range of media, contradictory feelings of melancholy, humour and dread bubble through to the surface, suggesting a fragmented commentary around wider societal issues. From distorted Disney characters to blood spattered vests, this exhibition presents an uncanny world where the lines between hope and despair are blurred and a collective experience is collaged together.

This will be our second major exhibition at the Bomb Factory Art Foundation’s expansive new gallery space at 206 Marylebone Road, NW1. This large-scale, industrial building is our fourth site in London, helping to achieve the charity's aims of delivering new, ambitious and thought-provoking contemporary art in a non-commercial setting.

Curated by Marcus Nelson and Pallas Citroen; featuring work by Tom Bull, Jake Chapman, Pallas Citroen, Allan Gardner, Edem Kelman, Jack Kennedy, Marcus Nelson, Fern O’Carolan Irene Pouliassi, Barry Reigate and Broth Tarn.

PV: 9th March 6-9pm

Open 10th-26th, Thursday - Saturday and by appointment


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