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"Little Explosions" Group Show at Bomb Factory South

Comprising paintings, sculptures, installations, and video art, 'Little Explosions' brings together artworks from some of the artists in residence at Bomb Factory South.

Having a physical studio space for these artists has been a determining element of their practice - the studio is a crucial first space of creation for artists, which is often a quiet and hidden space. Through time and process, all the small waves of thoughts and gestures from the artist are transferred to the art in the studio. However, after the artwork has gone through its process and left the sacred and private space of the studio, it will no longer be in the control of the artist and their subjectivity, which means the art becomes its own independent entity.

Bringing together various artworks out from their private spaces into the public, the diverse art pieces in the exhibition, each with their unique wave of thought and aesthetic, are creating 'little explosions' and provocations, revelations, ideas, and conversations.

The participating artists are:

Marc Prats

The Bleaq Collective

Hamit Üçok

Alexander Carey-Morgan

Andrew Pierre Hart

Serena Huang

Victoria Cantons

Xu Yang

Paola Estrella

Angela Maasalu

Sol Golden-Sato

Zoey Chang

Max Jones

Hee Jyung Kim

Freya Twelde

Katya Granova

Charmaine Chan

Irene Pouliassi

Farnaz Gholami

The exhibition coincides with 'Open Studios' at Bomb Factory South on Saturday 14th May, where the public are invited to visit the artists’ studios between 11 am - 6 pm. Full details here


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