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UNFURNISHED - Group show at the Bomb Factory Archway

We are excited to announce the next exhibition in our Archway Gallery - UNFURNISHED, opening 6th September 6-9pm!

Unfurnished is an exhibition that explores the intertwined relationship between art and functional objects. Artists come together to transcend the boundaries between art and design by offering their unique perspectives, provoking viewers to question the essence of the artwork and enhancing the storytelling potential of objects.

Featuring artists:

Marc - Aurèle Debut @marcaureledebut

Alexei Izmaylov @ismyloveizmaylov

Natalia Janula @nataliajanula

Amanda Kyristopoulou

Ty Locke

Irene Pouliassi @irenepouliassi

Thirza Smith @thirza_smith

Shinuk Suh @shinuksuh

Dominic Watson @dom.watson

Erwin Wurm @erwinwurm

Curated by Antoine Schafroth @a.schafroth

Exhibition text by Margot Drayson

LOCATION: Unit 2, Boothby Road, N19 4AJ

DATES: Wednesday 6th - Sunday 24th September

TIMES: 11am - 6pm or by appointment

PRIVATE VIEW: 6th Sept, 6-9pm


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